My Dad would always say "you only live once!" and "live everyday as though it were your last". Such good advice and is so often ignored. Taken for granted is the fragility and length of our lives.  In our youth we believe we are going to live forever. We reach a point where we seem to coast quite aimlessly. The next phase seems to be waiting. Waiting for what? To die? NO! Don't forget how little time you each have (if you are lucky enough to grow old). Are you guilty of wasting your life? Here are some common ways to waste a life:

1) Meaningless distractions. Social media, video games, television, drinking, etc. can bring fun, relaxation and joy BUT can also take us to the point of allowing the endless, numbing noise to eat away a life. 

2) In a state of overwhelm. Try doing one thing at a time with full focus, no distractions. 

3) Constant indecision = stagnation.  

4) Fearing Failure. The right thing to do and the easy thing to do are rarely the same thing. You have to be willing to fail forward.

5) Being busy (but not productive). Don't confuse motion with progress. 

6) A lack of self-discipline. Sacrificing immediate pleasure and excitement for what matters most in life.

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