It's the calm before the storm! We have a lot of exciting projects about to hit and get the "gang" back together again. Here's a sneak peek of what's up next:

Jackson & Polk

Additional shelving and perimeter systems needed. Small face lift to the original San Fransisco store Attract did a couple of years ago -- on Stacy's lawn!

Gigi & Rose - Women's & Children's

Owner of Jackson & Polk is also relocating her women's Gigi & Rose and children's Gigi & Rose stores. They will need perimeter shelving, tables, cash wraps, and miscellaneous decor. This will be a great project to showcase Attract's capabilities and style!

World Kitchen

2016 store program for World Kitchen: approximately six new stores with additional items for remodel stores. Includes new cash wrap, customer service kiosk, video walls, and potentially perimeter showcase bookcases.

Wilder Cafe

Wilder Cafe is a new restaurant opening sometime around May. Its a 1,800 square foot renovation with new tables, bars, and booths. Attract is leading the design and project management along with providing the furniture for the restaurant.