I will admit it – I am thrifty!  I have been called cheap but that doesn’t actually reflect my views.  I LOVE to spend money, but I would rather have 10 items that I love for $100 than 1 item that is great.  Some of my favorite clothes come from the thrift store and some of my favorite items in my house are “repurposed”. 

That being said, I cringe at the thought of Valentine’s Day gifts - roses by the dozen, fancy dinners, and jewelry items outrageously overpriced for this romantic holiday.

My suggestions for you:

  1. Flowers. Never spend over $20 on flowers.  You can get a beautiful bouquet of long lasting flowers for this price.  If you insist on roses, limit the number, they only last a short time.  Carnations, daisies, etc. last much longer and are less expensive.  Many grocery stores have great selections around Valentine’s Day.
  2. Dinners. Do you have a favorite food?  Can you cook it at home?  Add a candle and a glass of wine to a favorite dinner at home for Valentine’s Day.  Go out on another night when prices aren’t jacked up for the holiday.
  3. Jewelry. Shop Amazon for Sterling Silver items – they last a long time and are a great alternative to expensive gold.  Or find a place that sells local artisan crafted jewelry to find a great piece in their favorite color.
  4. Romance. Hand-write a list of “10 reasons I love you”.  This doesn’t even need a card!  Write their name on an envelope with the list enclosed – and draw little hearts on it.  Note:  Girls like to keep this stuff!
  5. Movie. Make it a “snuggle night” with comfy pajamas, a romantic movie (or 2), popcorn and some M&M’s.  We could all use a little down-time, right?

In conclusion, spend whatever you are comfortable spending for Valentine’s Day, but little things all through the year to show romance are the best things in my opinion.  Give your partner time to do something they love or help clean up the house when needed.  Say please and thank you to each other and be respectful - that’s what makes a love story!