Like most of you, I have been in and around production for a very long time and there are a few observations I thought it would be fun to share this week, because it has been a crazy one!

1) Teamwork is incredible. It is amazing what can be accomplished when people work together. 

2) Stretching is helpful. It is earth shattering to see what happens when people go above and beyond, step outside of their comfort zone or push past their boundaries, break through barriers and just act in sync as a team.

3) Treat obstacles as expected. Plan for problems before they come because they will come! Don’t be afraid to communicate early and often. Ask others for help when you get stuck. Work together to solve them.  Walk through them together. They will pass. Learn from them.

4) Understanding contribution is vital. It is very important to respect the different skill sets and contributions of our colleagues. Sometimes (especially in times of hard work and stress) it is easy to assume that you do more than someone else or that your work is more important than others simply because you don’t have an understanding of what their job is like, how it fits into the bigger picture, or how hard it actually is. 

While we are in the trenches this week, I ask you to reflect on this. To consider how you view others here and and how you view yourself. I ask you to put yourself in each others shoes, to help out, no matter what your normal job entails so that nothing slips through the cracks AND so that you can develop a new perspective. I ask you to attempt to ensure that you are giving each of your teammates the equal value in your mind they deserve and the encouragement that will allow us to push though together. 

I am so proud of our team and what we do everyday. I am so proud of each of you. I believe 100% in the equal value and contribution each of you “cogs” are in this little machine. Every person here was hand selected and is AMAZING at what they do. THAT IS WHY YOU ARE HERE! Your ARE Attract. I love how nimble we are and how quickly we jump in to help each other. 

I know that we are all proud of Attract, of our hard work, of our team, of ourselves. Without each and every one of you, we would have never made it this far, and we will never get to where we are going. THANK YOU and thank EACH OTHER! We are a TEAM.