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Attract agrees to label, barcode, market and place on display an accepted item or items in retail space for a minimum of 7 days. Only Attract approved and/or produced marketing materials and products will be permitted. Attract will, at its discretion, determine the placement, quantity, and location for the item on display and may choose to remove or relocate the item(s) during the 7 day trial period. Attract, at its discretion, may continue to display the item(s) on a rolling basis until the item(s) sell or until either party decides to remove from display. Attract will notify the seller if the item(s) are permanently removed and will give the seller 7 days to respond and pickup the item(s). Attract also requires 7 days notice for the seller to permanently remove item(s) from display. Any item(s) not picked up within (10) days will be considered abandoned. Attract agrees to obtain the price set by the consignee for each item sold and will accept nothing less than the purchase price for the consigned merchandise unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, and signed off by both parties. Consignee releases Attract from any liability for damages, theft or loss that that may occur to items left with Attract during consignment period and/or after consignment has ended. The Consignee agrees to leave merchandise with Attract for a minimum of 14 Days. The Consignee further agrees to present only a high-quality product to Attract, and also agrees to replace any item that is flawed and or damaged by the Consignee during manufacturing. All merchandise that is not sold at the end of the consignment timeframe will be evaluated by both the Attract and Consignee. If the Consignee decides to remove their merchandise, the Consignee takes responsibility for any delivery costs that may result for such removal. All marketing merchandise such as brochures, pamphlets, displays, etcetera will be removed at the time the items are removed from the retail space, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by both the Attract and Consignee. The Consignee does hereby agree to the terms set forth above:
I certify that the answers given here are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this vendor partnership application as may be necessary in arriving at a decision to begin working with Attract. In the event of a business relationship, I understand that false or misleading information given in this submission may result in the necessity to dissolve our relationship. *

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