Please provide honest, detailed, constructive answers to the following questions.

Recognition and feedback is proven among the best methods of improving work motivation and employee engagement.
— Anonymous
1. What is your role to this employee? *
2. How are they doing? *
2. How are they doing?
<i><b>Work is Neat and Accurate:</b></i>
<i><b>Consistent Work Product/Results:</b></i>
<i><b>Self-Directed/Requires Little Supervision:</b></i>
<i><b>Great Attitude:</b></i>
<i><b>Takes Direction Well/Respect for Management:</b></i>
<i><b>Promotes Kindness and Respect:</b></i>
<i><b>Works Well with Others/Respect for Peers:</b></i>
<i><b>Great Job Skills/Knowledge:</b></i>
<i><b>Excellent Attendance:</b></i>
<i><b>Communicates Well:</b></i>
<i><b>Cares about Attract:</b></i>
3. Did they contribute or accomplish something fabulous and helpful recently?
5. Have they made any notable mistakes?
What should change?