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I don’t know about you, but I want you to be happy. 

More importantly, I want to be happy. 

I understand that YOUR happiness is NOT my happiness.  My happiness includes great friends, great food, and laughter that makes my sides hurt. 

Do you know what makes you happy?  It’s something that you should make an effort to find out.  You can’t make your kids, spouse, boss, co-workers, neighbors, or parents happy until you are happy yourself.  Just remember, nobody can tell you what makes you happy; you must find it in yourself or work on creating it.


Make sure your life is full of things and people that you love, not things that you kinda like or tolerate.  Show love to the people that you love.  Hug them.  Kiss them.  Praise them.  Help them.


Happy people outwork unhappy people.   Love what you do or make a change.  You must enjoy the fun of failure and embrace the new challenges that arise.  Be passionate.


We have all heard that “Money can’t buy happiness.”  I believe it is up to you to decide that for yourself.  Maybe it does buy happiness for you in some form, GREAT!  Don’t let anyone tell you what makes you happy or not.  If you have enough to buy all the things to make you happy – then you are happy and your money bought your happiness.  Decide for yourself.


Be a little crazy!  Let your inner self out.  Be you!  Sing out loud!  Dance down the shopping aisle.  Wear pink polka dots leggings with a green flowered top.  Knit yourself a rainbow scarf.  Write a book.  Get a tattoo.  Color your hair blue.  Take time to be silly.  Why not?

SECRETS OF ADULTHOOD – from The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

·       Things often get harder before they get easier.

·       It’s easier to keep up than to catch up.

·       The things that go wrong often make the best memories.

·       Most decisions don’t require extensive research.

·       You can choose what you do; you can’t choose what you like to do.

·       Every room should include something purple.

·       Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

·       Starting again is harder than starting.

·       It’s easier to change your surroundings than yourself.

·       People don’t notice your mistakes as much as you think.

·       It’s okay to ask for help.

·       It’s important to be nice to everyone.

·       By doing a little bit each day, you can get a lot accomplished.

·       You don’t have to be good at everything.

·       What’s fun for other people may not be fun for you – and vice-versa.

Focus on the things that really matter.  Change the things that cause you stress or regrets or unhappiness.  Make yourself happy and it will spread to those around you.  I want you to be happy!