By: Mallory Cleveland - Marketing & Administrative Assistant
Attract, LLC | 715.483.7500 |

You might be asking yourself: why is a company that designs and manufactures custom furniture sharing a playlist they've created on SpotifyThe answer is simple, really. We love music.

And as the varied bunch that we are, you better believe that our taste in music is just as varied. So what better way to showcase our personalities than through our favorite songs?

That’s why we add to our playlist every Tuesday, and have dubbed said day #NewMusicTuesday. We love music. We jam to it all day long while we work, in the office and in the shop. One day you might walk in and hear The Temptations crooning “My Girl” or just as easily hear System of a Down screaming about the “Toxicity” of their city. 

Take a gander at our playlist, and see if you like any of our jams. If you follow us on Facebookyou’ll see our weekly breakdown of track additions and who they’re from. And let us know your favorites in the comments!! We always enjoy hearing your opinion. We hope you have a great week and stay tuned tomorrow for our next additions on #NewMusicTuesday!