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It’s Sunday afternoon and I am in full procrastination mode. Thought of the fishing opener and the end of the ice fishing season run through my mind. Sometimes thinking about fishing is more fun than actually fishing; extreme heat or cold can make it miserable. Finally, after two hours and a nap my procrastination ends. My mind is still set on fishing so I start by putting line on a new pole I bought a couple of weeks earlier and I looked through my tackle boxes to see what I needed to buy. After watching the news and seeing the good weather to come, I decide to keep my ice fishing gear in my truck in hopes of going out once more before the season ends.

Of course, after doing those few small tasks I felt accomplished. It also made me question why it took me so long to get up and do it. In the book I’m currently reading, The Self-Improvement Journey, there are few quotes I can relate to.

“Procrastination is the grave opportunity is buried”- Anonymous

As outdoorsmen what else do we procrastinate? Do you start to practice shooting your bow a week or two before the season starts, when you should really start a couple of months ahead? Do we not get out to the stand as soon as we should? Most likely because we were working on some “Honey Do” project that we had been procrastinating on that the wife said had to be completed before we could go hunting again. This came true for me a few years ago.

It was the earlier part of deer season and the weather was hotter than usual, so I was in no hurry to get to the stand. I decided to watch another 30 minutes of the outdoor channel and then go out to my stand. That evening I did not see a single deer. What a waste of time I thought. On the way back home, I took down my trail camera I had set on a scrape next to my stand. When I got home, I checked the camera I just about vomited. About 10 minutes before I got to my stand, a beautiful 8-point deer was right under my stand! If I hadn’t procrastinated going out to my stand, I would’ve gotten a great deer.

 “Procrastination has ruined more lives than drugs and alcohol ever will”- Ryan Dieudonne

Procrastination is not a physical problem, it’s a mental problem. Preparation is one way to fight back against procrastination, and you can start by keeping your goals in front of you. Place them on a note near your computer at your desk or on the fridge at home. I am currently training to get in shape for my big elk hunting trip this fall. To keep track of my progress and to set goals, I write down how far and for how long I run on the treadmill each day. I also weigh myself every two weeks. This list keeps me pushing myself to run further and longer to lose more weight and get in better shape. When I am about a month away from the trip I will start making a list of what I need to bring for the trip. I will keep it on the refrigerator and every time I think of something I need I will stop and add it to the list.

Don’t get stuck in a rut, you can’t control the unpredictable things life may throw at you. You must be willing to adjust. Remember as summer comes and fall is around the corner to take advantage of each day. Get up and get something done today, no one is guaranteed tomorrow. Stop putting off planning that fishing or hunting trip. Get up, get out, and get things done.

“Wake up every day and ask yourself what can I get done that day”- Ryan Dieudonne