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Do you struggle with creativity?  We all do.  I recently read an article sharing different exercises one can do to get “unstuck” and turn on the creative juices.  Like most articles, it all seemed like common sense, but one specific exercise stuck with me (no pun intended).  The exercise was titled “Do Something Unrelated That Makes You Happy.”  I was experiencing writers block, so I went for a walk.  A walk on a warm spring day with the sun beaming down on my salt-and-pepper hair makes me happy.

I didn’t think about this blog or any project during this walk.  I simply enjoyed the company I had, the beautiful weather, and cleared my mind.  And guess what?  It worked!  The support for this exercise is a study by Malinda McPherson exploring how our emotional state affects our ability to be creative.  She concluded that feeling positive emotions actually draws us into a deeper state of creative flow (Work Smart, Jory Mackay, 02.04.18, Feeling Stuck? Here Are 4 Exercises to Boost Your Creativity).

The key thing is do something that eases your mind and makes you happy, other examples the article sites are watching a movie (not a sad one), call a friend, take your dog for a walk – anything that brings you happiness. 

What I was able to experience was calmness and less stress about the assignment of writing this blog.  It felt less forced and more natural.  My brain and fingers were aligned and writing was easy.   In addition to helping me write this blog, the break from my routine and simply walking outside had a positive domino effect on other aspects, specifically my job.  I was able to solve other problems and accomplish a few tasks prior to starting this blog; was in “get it done mode.”

The biggest takeaway is simple: you can’t do your best work stressed.  Relax.  Don’t be afraid to walk away and calm the mind. Don’t be afraid to “slack” in order to get your mind/mood right.  But then get back at it (don’t slack too long).