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Coming at a project from a different angle can be both helpful and inspirational. Choosing a random word or sentence from a random word or sentence generator can be a great solution. It gives the brain a new way of making connections and a potential new path for the project, as well as getting me over my creative roadblock.

As an interior design student, the biggest obstacle I run in to is choosing a color and/or material palette. It’s a small thing that will define my entire project and is usually my starting point for all my projects. I’ll often scroll through Pinterest or Houzz for hours looking for inspiration and often the inspiration never happens. This can be frustrating and can hold up the entire project.

One of my solutions is to use a random word and/or sentence generator. It has really helped with my inspiration issue and gotten me over my creative roadblocks. This generated word or sentence could be anything from a sentence about the sky that makes me choose a sky blue and off-whites for my color palette and soft fabric textures for my materials palette. Or it could be the word “merchant” which reminds me of merchants selling colorful and exotic items in the streets of the Game of Thrones world. This would inspire me to choose bright colors and exotic prints and textures.

Pinterest, Houzz, and other websites with a mass of information can be overwhelming and can cause a creative roadblock due to an overload of information. Using a random word or sentence generator can give me one thing to focus on so my project isn’t held up at the first step.  So next time you are finding yourself in a creative roadblock, try random word generation.