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Get out of the fog and spark your creativity.

That one project that never seems to get done, you know the one.  You have started it a million times but never seem to get it done. The project where everything else seems more important than what you are actually supposed to be working on. The creative juices have stopped flowing and procrastination sets in. You draw a blank and your brain finds this project impossible.

One way of getting yourself out of this seemingly inescapable fog is to break your project into small, achievable goals. Try breaking it up into little pieces and set strict, short deadlines.  Grab a timer and try to accomplish these smaller tasks in a set amount of time. Hit a deadline and get a reward. (Now that sounds good!)

Rewards can be anything from taking a 5-minute walk, playing a mind-boggling game, or eating a bowl of ice cream. The point is to give yourself small rewards for accomplishing small portions of your large task. You can regulate and transform your procrastination habits into rewards for accomplishing the small portions of your large project. Remember to time your rewards, so they don’t turn into the lengthy procrastination you were trying to avoid or a three-hour Candy Crush marathon.

When the timer is up you need to jump into your next task. Set the timer again, hit the goal, repeat. You will discover that you can accomplish great things in a small amount of time.

For example, I knew nobody else was going to organize my storage room, it was all up to me. I broke it down to small tasks and set aside 1 hour each week to work on it, and I even had a friend over to visit while I was organizing. Rewards that day were fancy cocktails while relaxing on the deck. This method works for me – whether it’s over multiple months or just a couple of hours a day.  Little tasks are easy, and POOF! You have completed your project!