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Why is it so difficult to put our own needs first and focus on what we want to do rather than what other people expect us to do?  We know that it’s important, maybe even the most important key to our health and happiness.  So why is it so damn hard?  We are taught very young to be kind to others, to help others, to give, and to share.  These are all fantastic, but we also need to learn self-care.

Here’s an example:  You’re standing in front of a mirror, having just tried on a new piece of clothing or just gotten dressed for the day.  In the room with you is your best friend, your child or your significant other. 

Everyone knows how the conversation proceeds.  You say something self-deprecating, something you would never say to someone else.  What if, instead, we change the dialogue?  What if, the next time and every time you step in front of a mirror you say, “I am amazing!”   Start to treat yourself with the same kindness you treat others.

Love yourself.

We know that it is nearly impossible to get through life without the help of others.  We’re taught how to offer our services at a very young age.  Why are we not also taught how to ask for help?  Why is independence seen as more important than meeting our needs?  Since when is taking care of someone else more important than taking care of yourself?  The problem is that if all we do is focus on everyone else and what everyone else wants from us, we end up empty with nothing left to give to anyone. 

It is time to prioritize you. 

Do what makes you happy, just because it makes you happy. 

Start small if you need to.  Leave the dishes in the sink and take a long walk or a bubble bath instead.  Eat a cupcake or a tomato picked right off the vine. 

Go big.  Book a beach vacation or backpack through Europe. 

You only have one today.  Use it to smile. 

Be selfish.