There is no question that when you take care of yourself in healthy ways, everything around you will fall into place. One thing I have learned during my self-improvement journey (which is ongoing) the last couple of years is "don't stress."

On Friday, I crashed my car badly. I didn't run to social media to cry about it or seek sympathy. I didn't freak out about it or get angry. I simply said, "Stuff happens; I'm glad I'm alive because it could have been much worse."

This "calm" was definitely not in my DNA for most of my life. In fact, some might have even labeled me as dramatic (hey, I'm the youngest child). Being stressed out seemed to be the norm for me. But as I continue to deal with stressful situations and people, I've learned that when I remain calm, solutions and happiness find its way quicker to me. Calm = clear head. Clear head = solutions. Solutions = Smiles.

When something bad happens, find the good in it. At the minimum find peace in all situations and continue to treat yourself well. It's ok to be sad. Just don't dwell on it. Release those emotions and move on after learning what you needed to from that situation.

Too many people find themselves detached from society when times are tough. They fall off their routines and dwell on their problems. Often they will invite others to their problems by airing it out on social media. They will receive the "sympathetic" comments like "I'm so sorry!" or "I'm sorry this is happening to you." But social media seldom solves your issues. Typically we participate in behavior that magnifies our challenges and it becomes a downward spiral. It's during difficult times when it's imperative we don't fall off routine; don't stop the healthy activities we are accustomed to doing just to sulk. What good will sulking do (rhetorical)?

There's so much support to show that healthy activity like exercise, yoga, meditation, a healthy diet, etc. increases happiness. So why is it during tough times we tend to stop the behaviors that make us happy?

I have a request for everyone: Be healthy. Smile. Love. Exercise. Be spontaneous. Take risks. Snort from laughing so hard. Be happy. Be around people that make you feel amazing. Go to places that stimulate you. Sleep. Have fun. Read. Cook. Don't waste a moment. Live your best life, every single day.

I hope this message impacts at least one person who might be have difficulty being kind to themselves. This is why I share my thoughts and learnings because not too long ago, I too was unkind to myself. #LoveYourself #BeTheBestYou #Respect #Motivation #Positivity #Love #SelfCare #SelfLove