By: Kevin Alavi – VP, Strategy & Operations
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Sometimes it takes an event to change your perspective.  Sadly it seems it’s a tragic event that needs to occur to awaken someone; to have him or her stop and reevaluate his or her life. I unfortunately faced a personal situation that made me pause and reassess my life.

This “awakening” put me on this journey towards personal development, focusing on positivity, goals, and self-improvement.  I’m a few months in and still consistently achieving my daily objectives, in turn getting closer to my goals.  While on this path (which is still happening), some thoughts occurred to me: 1) Your mood has a direct effect on those around you.  2) Self-improvement is hard when it has been neglected for so long. 3) I can do anything if I put my mind towards it.

For the purpose of this blog, I am only going to focus on the first point.  The book I’m reading, Emotional Agility by Susan David, PhD, has a chapter called “Emotional Agility at Work.”  An excerpt from it summarizes the chapter best: “Around the average workplace, stress seems to hang in the oppressive clouds in the air above everyone’s cubicle.  And much like secondhand smoke, secondhand stress can have a profound effect on everyone in its vicinity.”

I have seen this play out everywhere I have worked, even at home.  When someone isn’t happy, it becomes this domino effect that sucks in one person at a time.  The same thing happens with happiness, when someone is joyful and excited, it typically becomes the theme for the day. 

So why do people come in with poor attitudes?  Are they not aware that their poor attitude is contagious and will bring others down?  It’s common sense to me that moods are contagious.  I didn’t need to read a book to teach me, but it was a friendly reminder of something I already knew.  Are people that selfish that they can’t control their mood and are willing to come in full of piss and vinegar, despite bringing everyone else down around them?  Are they so desperate to be on stage and seek attention?

Which stage performance do you want to be remembered for: the fun and energetic one or the person who came in like a hurricane and disrupted the entire day?  Remember, you’re always on stage – whether it’s at home or at work or in public.  People are always watching and moods are contagious.  You have complete control and the ability to be the reason people are happy.  In turn, something amazing may happen to you…you just might be happy too.  So what’s it going to be, smiles & joy or sadness & moody?  Smile, life’s too short to experience anything else.