By: Kevin Alavi – VP, Strategy & Operations
Attract, LLC | 715.483.7500 |

Attract is a custom manufacturer of retail fixtures and furniture.  Many of our customers utilize us because of our amazing custom store fixtures and furniture.  But there are also a number of customers that utilize us due to our strategic partnerships with other suppliers.  Attract has been able to save many companies top dollar by streamlining the purchasing for all new construction elements (flooring, lighting, storefront, installation, etc.).

A lot of companies have their own internal teams to procure these various categories.  However, there are companies that are either new to the market or are smaller in size where they don’t have a procurement team specializing in these categories.  These individuals find that they wear multiple hats (don’t we all) and simply cannot do it all alone – at least without losing their minds and ensuring everything has been properly vetted.  

The solution:  Focus on what you do best and let a company like Attract fill in the gaps.  If your main job function is to design the store environment, but you are also tasked with sourcing these elements, getting permits, and project managing, then lean on us to help you out.  It’s this type of partnership that truly makes Attract unique and adds tremendous value to any organization.  We have a team of experienced buyers who have leveraged purchases for a number of retailers.   This buying power can be transferred to your next project, saving you a lot of money not only on the items we fabricate, but also on the other elements/categories we can procure for you as well.