Reclaimed furniture has become very desirable, which also means it has become very expensive.  It’s amazing to think that yesterday’s garbage becomes today’s valued pieces of furniture.  How are companies taking structures from old machines and pulleys and other metal and wood forms and turning them into timeless pieces of furniture?  It isn’t easy and that is why we pay so much for reclaimed furniture.

It doesn’t have to be expensive though.  Working with companies that specialize in reclaimed furniture and found objects is a good first start.  Though hard to find (Google tends to be the first source), word-of-mouth advertising is also another way to find these manufacturers (or should we call them artists?).  

Attract, our company based near Minneapolis, has found a way to create reclaimed furniture at a fraction of the cost.  We are a manufacturer of custom retail fixtures and furniture, but we are also well known for our ability to source found objects and create reclaimed furniture.  To learn more, contact and check out the rest of our website at