By: Kevin Alavi – VP, Strategy & Operations
Attract, LLC | 715.483.7500 |

Lately, I have been interviewing many candidates for open positions in my company.  As I interview these candidates, I promise all of them one thing: "I will let you know one way or the other if you are a good fit."  I'm shocked to hear them say "Thank you, I really appreciate that.  It's not often I hear back after an interview."

Think back to all the interviews you have been many of the potential employers gave you the courtesy and communicated back if you weren't a good fit?  Unfortunately I hear too often from peers that their potential employer went radio silence on them after interviewing - even after several follow-up attempts.  So I am here to tell you that it's OK to let that candidate know he/she wasn't the right fit and will not be an employee of "Company X".  Give him/her the professional courtesy of closing the loop so they can stop wondering (especially if he/she has followed-up several times inquiring).

Remember, as much as a company is interviewing an applicant, the applicant is interviewing the company.  What kind of message is a company sending to the field of candidates when they stop communicating after interviews?   Is that the type of chatter you want about your company?  At the minimum, respect the time and effort an applicant made to interview and let him/her know if they are no longer being considered for employment.  It only takes seconds to write the rejection email.

Same rule can be used for "thank you" emails.  Yes it's standard practice for an applicant to send a "thank you" email (and we receive way too many of them). It too seems it's not common practice for an employer to respond.  Again, it only takes seconds to reply and say "thank you for your time, we will follow up soon."  It's the little things that have the greatest impact sometimes.